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Like you, we put the people we serve at the centre of everything we do. Canopy is committed to provide you the tools you need to go above and beyond for your clients. You lead a fast paced life, which means you can’t afford to wait weeks for critical reports or dedicate time to tracking down missing paperwork.

Less paperwork = more time for your clients

Our user-friendly platforms are designed to give you more visibility, control and reduce the time spent on administrative tasks. It allows you to manage eligibility lists, add, change, and terminate employees. You can even view your clients’ claim status online. Automated reporting means you can access the information you need when you need it, giving you more time to focus on what really matters.

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We’re credible

backed by Grace Kennedy and the Musson Group

We’re widely accepted

islandwide Provider Coverage, using existing swipe card technology

We’ve got the basics covered

licensed in Jamaica to offer plans covering major group health, life and AD&D benefits

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