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Jamaica’s first online fitness & wellness platform. At Canopy we don’t just provide insurance, we care about the health of our members.

Stay home, stay active, stay healthy
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Meet your instructor

Kamila McDonald

Certified Fitness & Wellness Coach

Detailed workouts

Get the daily recommended half an hour of exercise in the comfort of your own home with training from certified fitness instructor Kamila Mcdonald.

Nutritional advice

Our map for your wellness journey comes with detailed guidance on how to love your body by explaining what your eating habits do to you.

Over 100 easy to follow healthy recipes

You will learn how to meal plan on a budget and support your workout regimen with detailed guides on the preparation of healthy meals.

Motivational guidance

Having been through the struggle of being unfit due to unhealthy habits, Kamila provides advice that will inspire you to push through your wellness journey on tough days.
Camp Canopy

Healthy employees make healthy, productive companies.

As we say in Jamaica, “Prevention better than Cure.”
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