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You care about your people. And so do we.
When you choose Canopy, you’re choosing benefit insurance that works for both you and your employees. Backed by two of Jamaica’s largest employers, we have decades of first-hand experience working with the Jamaican insurance industry.

An insurance company that gives employers more control.

With our online tools it’s easy to keep your member eligibility lists up-to-date, check on claims status and even file paper claims and preauthorizations online. It’s an experience that’s focused on reducing the burden of insurance plan administration.

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Committed to containing costs year-round.

We understand the importance of managing expenses. Canopy is continuously working behind the scenes – mining your data to highlight cost saving opportunities caused by fraud or unnecessary member spend. We’ll engage with you throughout the year to help manage plan utilization and keep you informed to avoid surprises at renewal time. We provide automated reports that break down your plan utilization and can provide customized recommendations on how you can alleviate costs.

We’re connected

Swipe cards are accepted by an island wide network of doctors and pharmacies.

We’ve got you covered

Wide range of customized group health and life plans.

We are financially credible

Reimbursements are backed by a partnership of Grace Kennedy and the Musson Group.

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