Frequently Asked Questions - Canopy Insurance Ltd.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Canopy?

Canopy Insurance Company Ltd is a newly registered group health and life insurance company in Jamaica. The company is backed by a partnership of GraceKennedy and the Musson Group, two of the Caribbean’s largest most trusted corporate entities. The company’s mission is to remove the hassle associated with group health and life insurance administration through the deployment of world class technology and a team of dedicated employees passionate about customer care.

Canopy’s goal is to remove the hassle of health and life insurance administration. We have designed the company to reduce the administrative burden to employers, members as well as medical practitioners. Here are a few of the advantages to providers who decide to join the Canopy family:

  • Access to a growing membership (client) base
  • No new hardware or software required. We integrate AIS swipe card technology
  • Reliable & speedy reimbursements (5 to 7 days) – backed by names you can trust (Grace Kennedy and the Musson Group)
  • Convenient online submission of paper claims (new to Jamaica)
  • Easy to use web portal to track claims and explanations of benefits

Why should I join Canopy’s Provider Network?

Canopy’s goal is to remove the hassle of health and life insurance administration. We have developed the company to reduce the administrative burden faced by employers, members as well as medical practitioners. Here are a few of the advantages to providers who decide to join the Canopy network:

  • Access to a growing membership (client) base
  • No new hardware or software required. We integrate AIS swipe card technology
  • Reliable & speedy reimbursements
  • Convenient online submission of paper claims (new to Jamaica)
  • Easy to use web portal to track claims and explanations of benefits

What’s special about the Canopy Provider portal?

In keeping with our mission to remove the hassle associated with health insurance administration, Canopy has developed a world-class provider portal. This portal will allow you to:

  1. Track claims and explanation of benefits
  2. Download paper claim forms
  3. Upload paper claim forms
  4. Submit preauthorization requests
  5. Chat in real-time with customer service associates

Personalized credentials for login to the Canopy Provider Portal will be shared with you during your onboarding process.

How can I become a Canopy Provider?

In the spirit of efficiency, we have created 2 easy ways to apply to our network.

  1. Complete our online application at
  2. Download, complete and mail/drop-off an application along with required documents to our 58 Half-Way Tree offices

For more information on the application process to become a Canopy provider please email us at or call us at 876-654-8381 or 876-654-7205.

What are the requirements needed for my application?

Please see below for information needed when submitting your application.1

  1. Banking Information
  2. Government issued identification
  3. Tax Registration Number for Authorized Officer completing application (if driver’s license is not provided)

Additionally, we request that you present the following documents within 180 days of submitting your application: 2

  • Verification documents for entity. **
  • Current Practising Certificate from relevant registration body3 ***
  • Tax Registration Number for Business

**Entity Verification:

Entity TypeDocument Needed
Sole ProprietorBusiness Registration Certificate issued by the Companies Office of Jamaica
PartnershipBusiness Registration Certificate issued by the Companies Office of Jamaica and partnership agreement.
Limited Liability CompanyCertificate of Incorporation and Articles of Incorporation issued by the Companies Office of Jamaica
Individual (operating without a trade name)Your TRN inclusive of the branch code issued by the Tax Administration of Jamaica and proof of residency for persons not born in Jamaica (e.g. work permit or naturalization certificate)

***Relevant registration body based on provider type:

Provider TypeRegistration Body
Medical Doctor/Specialist/Consultant/ OphthalmologistMedical Council of Jamaica
DentistDental Council of Jamaica
OptometristRegistrar General’s Department
Radiographer/Medical Lab Technologist, PhysiotherapistCouncil of Professions Supplementary to Medicine
Pharmacy, PharmacistPharmacy Council of Jamaica
Laboratory/DiagnosticsStandards & Regulations Division – Ministry of Health

How long will it take for my provider application to be processed?

Once we receive your application, we communicate with you within 48 hrs3. If your application is accepted, we will email you instructions for how to download, sign and submit a Canopy Provider Agreement.

What health care benefits are covered by Canopy?

Canopy covers standard health benefits, such as Medical, Dental, Vision Care, Diagnostic Services, Prescription Drug, Surgeries, Maternity, Hospitalization and Preventative Care as well as other specialized benefits. However, specific benefits and plans may differ based on exclusions and limitations of each employer contract.

How will Canopy members know that I am a Canopy provider?

Once you are accepted into the Canopy Provider network you will be given a Provider Welcome Kit which will include stickers to identify you as a Canopy provider. Additionally, you will be listed on the Canopy website and included in documentation provided to our members.

How will I identify a Canopy member?

CANOPY will provide each Member with health cards (swipe and benefit card). The health cards will identify the Member by name and date of birth, and include a unique Member number. Providers may check Members’ eligibility for various health services according to the Member’s unique health plan by either swiping the card through an approved third party electronic claims system such as Advanced Integrated System’s (AIS) Provider Access System (PAS) or by contacting CANOPY’s customer service 888-4-CANOPY.

How can I submit my claims for reimbursement?

Claims4 can be submitted to Canopy in three ways:

  1. Online upload of paper claims – for the first time ever in Jamaica, our paper claims can be downloaded, completed and uploaded via our web portal. We will share sign-on instructions to our portal via email to accepted providers.
  2. Paper claim submission – complete our paper claim form and mail or drop off at our office, located at 58 Half-Way Tree road.
  3. Electronic claims submission (swipe card) – providers contracted to AIS can use the PAS system to submit Canopy claims using member swipe cards.  However, AIS’ transaction fee will apply as per your contract with AIS.   For specific questions regarding the use of the PAS system, please contact AIS’s customer service at 876-929-6462.

I am a Pharmacy provider and I don’t use PAS, I use a third-party pharmacy software to submit claims. Will I be able to submit Canopy claims?

Yes, you will be able to submit Canopy Claims once your software provider has gone through the AIS approval process and added your Canopy Provider number to your software application.

Will I be able to get pre-authorization for Surgery or other Major Medical procedures?

Yes, Canopy makes pre-authorization as efficient as possible. You can email, fax or mail your pre-authorization requests to Canopy. You can also submit the preauthorization request online through our easy to use Provider portal.

Is there a transaction fee for submitting claims?

Canopy does not charge you for submitting paper claims whether hardcopy or uploaded to our website. However, for electronic claims (swipe card) there is a transaction fee payable to Advanced Integrated Systems (AIS) for submitting claims through PAS. This is deducted from the amount that we will reimburse to you for the claims as per your agreement with AIS.

How long after submitting my Canopy claim will I get paid by Canopy?

Payment(s) for claims will be made within 7 to 14 working days after being received and approved by Canopy. Electronic claims may be processed at a faster rate than claims submitted by paper form.

How will I get paid? Will I get a physical cheque?

Our standard payment method will be electronic funds transfers. Banking information will be requested during your application process to facilitate more convenient and direct payments to your account. Cheques will be sent only upon special request submitted through the Provider portal , or by calling our operations line at 888-4-CANOPY (888-422-6679).

How will I know when my claims are paid?

Once payment has been processed, an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) will be emailed to you with payment details. You can also log into the Provider portal with the user credentials, assigned to you upon joining the network, in order to view your claim payment status.

Will Canopy make the reconciliation process easy?

Yes, we will. The EOB’s will be easy to understand and the transactions will be outlined in the same order as they were submitted by you.

What should I do if I find a discrepancy in my statement when I am doing my reconciliation?

Please contact our Operations Department at 876-654-8381 or 876-654-7205 or email us at and a Canopy representative will assist you with your reconciliation concerns. You can also log a complaint in our online Provider portal, using the login credentials provided on successful registration.

Will Canopy conduct visits to my site location?

From time to time, Canopy may request your cooperation in validating claims submitted on behalf of our members. This will be done based on random selection and carried out with due regard for the Medical Provider’s schedule and the confidential nature of the claims information.

Canopy Communication Channels

We want to stay in touch with you, and your feedback is always welcome. Our contact numbers and addresses are as follows:

Operations Department:

Customer Service:
888-4- CANOPY (888-422-6679)

Office Address:
58 Half Way Tree Road
Kingston 10


1 This list does not provide all information to be listed on the application, the application will require additional basic information such as name, address etc. Please supply a certified English translation for any foreign language documentation.

2 Canopy reserves the right to immediately terminate or suspend this Agreement if you fail to provide the requisite certification and verification within the time period specified herein

3 Optical centers should have confirmed coverage from a licensed Optometrists/Ophthalmologist for at least 12 hours per week at each location. Confirmation of this schedule should be presented within 60 days after onboarding.

4 Canopy reserves the right to require additional documents or to conduct a site visit which may delay the onboarding process. Canopy also reserves the right to deny providers access to its network if it so chooses at its own discretion.

5 All paper claim forms should be submitted within 90 days of the date of service. Please note that pharmacy claims will only be processed electronically.